Many girls absolutely hate their time of the month. Me for one hates mine I didn’t have a period for three years due to my contraception implant. To me I loved not having one but then missed the feeling of feeling normal. I have an app called Flo on my phone which tracks my periods […]

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This is a hard topic for me. I have dated numerous fellas but was never treated right by any of them. I have tried dating apps such as tinder, pof but never find any luck. There’s times I see others my age all married, happy In love but then I remember that I will find […]

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Favourite foods

I have a number of favourite foods I love these are curry, subway, chocolate and also love vegetables. This year I had wrote a list of foods I wanted to try and add to my diet. There was some I didn’t like such as tuna, parsnip and Brussels sprouts. Ever since I was growing up […]

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Photos of me

Today I’m going to share with you some photos I love of myself. Believe me there isn’t many I do like. I am so self conscious of my body absolutely hate everything about it to be honest. I want to work out soon but been feeling under the weather and can’t shift this horrible cold. […]

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I absolutely love the sign of snow in the winter but hate walking in ice. Last year I was walking to the bus stop and fell on black ice it has scared the life out of me and I hate the thought of it. I love to start Christmas shopping, writing lists for everyone I […]

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